Certified Life and Mindset Coach

Transform your life (and business) one mind shift at a time.

I work with serious entrepreneurs ready to uncover beliefs and mindset that no longer serve you so you can reprogram your unconscious mind for a lasting transformation into the next level of  your business (and your life).

Some Key Benefits of My Coaching

I coach from the model of life that we create our results from our beliefs which drives how we  think and act. Until we change our beliefs we are stuck with the result the beliefs create. 

Self Confidence

Your ability to trust yourself, knowing that you can experience any emotion

Personal Freedom

Allowing other peoples opinion about you to be okay wether they are right or wrong.


Knowing that your map is not the teritory it represents and be aware of the difference

Unconditional Love

Full Self Acceptance results when you're no longer attached to your expectations

I can help you in these particular areas

I teach you how to show up authentically in your business, no longer afraid to set big goals or become free of what other people will think about you. 


We create our results from our beliefs. Until we change our beliefs we are stuck with the result the beliefs create.

Feeling Better

We are responsible for creating the emotions we want to experience by how we think. Learn how.

Get it Done Now

Be done with Procratination once and for all. Improve your relationship with self to improve relationship with time.

Limitless Confidence

You can know to trust yourself again by learning that you can experience any emotion - positive and negative.

About me

Debo Ogunrinde is a Life Coach and the founder of MindBasic Academy. He is a graduate of both the accredited Health Coach Institute and The Life Coach School.

He obtained his certification in Advanced causal coaching methodologies for Total Transformation at The Life Coach School.

Debo started MindBasic Academy to educate, empower and help solopreneurs to experience positive and negative emotions without resistance which is essential to start and grow a successful business that helps more people and make more money.

Debo Ogunrinde

Life and Mindset Coach

What’s Peoples Saying

"Soon I was able to make sure that I could convert my block into a plan. I am very happy with the result.
J. Simpson
Business women
"I gained so much confidence in my ability to connect and deepen my relationships with people."
F. Mercer
Freelance Developer
“Juliana Silva helped me organise my career plan. Highly recommend her services!”
R. Sanchez

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